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Zaphir Chimes Come in abundant colors These colorful chimes are the original Shanti chimes produced by Zaphir of France

We have all five Zaphir Tunings and many colors.  
Click the picture to see the Zaphir/Shanti Chime Colors Zaphir Shanti Wind Chime Colors 
Zaphir Shanti Chimes

  $59.75 each
Blue Moon~Click to hear Blue Moon
Color Preference
Sufi Zaphir Chime~Click to hear SUFI
Color Preference
Click to hear Sunray Zaphir Shanti Chime or
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Hear the Crystalide Zaphir-Shanti Chime
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Click to listen to Twilight Zaphir Shanti Chime
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Zaphir Carillon Chimes  

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